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Coastal Navigation

A necessary course for anyone intending to charter a yacht for coastal cruising or buy their own yacht.

This course covers the navigation skills you require to sail a yacht in coastal waters.

This course is for the recreational boater and the professional ship’s captain commercial qualifications!

Two x two hour lessons.

Learn to

  • Use navigation charts, publications, plotting equipment and a magnetic compass.
  • Fix a position using different methods.
  • Know the routine for navigation in coastal waters.
  • How to navigate in restricted visibility.
  • How to use the yacht’s log.
  • Understand the importance of pilotage and harbour regulations.
  • Understand the effects of tides and currents on sailing.
  • Use buoys and lights as navigational aids
  • Use echo sounders and lead lines.
  • Understand radio direction finding.
  • Use logs for determining speed and distance.
  • Understand the impact of weather on navigation.
  • Understand the International Regulations for the prevention of collisions at Sea.
  • Understand Morse code and flag signal.

Course Cost


This course is popular because there are numerous of navigational issues. For example, there are no, lanes or signs marked onto the surface of the water. Once you are slightly off course, boater beware!


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